Monday, August 14, 2006

Dog Food - CHEAP

Just a quick post to again alert you to the benefits of the Purina Dog Food program for breeders.
Walmart has a sale going on for 25 lb bags of dog food for $8.99. By the time we use our $7 rebate checks plus the $1 off coupons that have been coming in each bag lately, it's costing us a big, fat dollar per bag! We plan to buy as many bags as they have left on the shelf today. We have about 40 rebate checks on hand and we plan to use as many as we can for our dog food. This is like hitting a home run! Dog breeders - if you breed more than 5 litters a year, you qualify for this great program!
See my post further down with more details.

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At 10:55 AM, Blogger Doggy Dish said...

Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful and inspirational story! I am a proud puppy owner and reading blogs like these really make me appreciate my puppy even more. Good day, and good dog!


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