Saturday, July 15, 2006

Milk is finger (paw!) food

SC dam continues to love the new puppy she was given. Such a blessing!

The other 2 MC puppies are doing well and being spoiled as human raised puppies. I prefer the brand Just Born puppy replacer. Goats milk is the most ideal but I understand not everyone can get access to that. (fresh, unpasturized, cleanly processed!!) Just Born is a bit more expensive than the others but I haven't had them scour from it and it mixes much, much better than other brands I've tried. I have 3 two year old's who were raised on it and they did awesome through the entire weaning process and beyond!

Wormed 2 & 4 wk old puppies. I use Nemex 2 - pyrantal paomate as active ingredient. I worm at 2,3,4,6 and 8 wks. Remember to worm the dam at the same time. Expensive but please worm mom with puppy wormer when she is nursing.

I'm a bit on the tired side in making sure these two furry tyrants eat every 3 hours but they are certainly worth it. Did you know that milk is finger (paw!) food? That's what these puppies are teaching me. You MUST get INTO the bowl before you drink from it. It tastes much better this way. And sticky paw prints all over the kitchen floor is the best traction control ever. If us dumb humans had bothered to put some sort of traction down on the floor for newly walking..err waddling puppies to get around on, this method may not have been necessary. Those puppies sure are smart ones!

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