Friday, July 14, 2006

Got Milk?

Got Milk?
Well, the MC litter didn't. Or should I say their dam wasn't giving it to them. She decided that laying down AWAY from her puppies was a wonderful idea. These puppies had to be pulled from her and supplemented. As she also accidentally laid on one and killed it, we made the decision to literally pull the puppies. At 2 wks old, we found this litter to be easier to train to drinking from a bowl than the bottle. These puppies must be fed every 3 hrs, minimum. One puppy I was able to foster out to the SC litter. She's taken in that pup as her own. Having a willing surrogate is not only a matter of timing but also having a dam of a personality & temperament that you can get away with this. I'm sure she would have taken them all but I didn't want her overburdened. I gave her the pup that was very resistant to drinking from either bowl or bottle for me.
So for the next wks, I can not leave home for longer than 2-3 hrs TOPS at a time. Since this is not the dam's first time in presenting us with a litter we've had to raise, it also means that a superb female - fully trained, health tested and desirable pedigree has to be retired from breeding. These are very real risks you take in dog breeding. Unfortunately, they aren't rare occurances in the life of a dog breeder, either.

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